• Cloud Solutions

Pay-as-you-go virtual dedicated servers powered by the cloud at the click of a mouse.

Provisioning & Scalability

  • Self-service provisioning of servers via our web-based control panel or API.
  • Additional servers can be launched in under a minute based on FlexiScale’s operating system images or images you have created.
  • Highly automated and rapid provisioning of additional processing or storage resources.
  • Create, start, stop or delete servers and their associated network and storage elements.
  • Multi-tier architectures enabled by a high-speed internal multiple gigabit ethernet network.
  • Fully virtualised storage back-end allowing virtually unlimited data growth.


  • Run a server as long as you need, then just discard it.
  • Resize memory and storage.
  • No need to predict future growth, as the system can scale up at the click of a mouse to meet demand.
  • OS agnostic – supports MS Windows Server and all common versions of Linux.
  • Appliance image support.
  • Clone a server image and re-use for another test or production server.

Quality of Service

  • Each customer has their own VLAN and their own virtual disks giving security and network QoS.
  • Fully monitored system: network, storage and servers.
  • Fully automated hardware recovery.
  • Instantaneous backup and restore capabilities through disk snapshots.


  • No subscription fees or minimum term contract.
  • Simple pay-as-you-go pricing model.
  • No need to over-buy capacity to handle periodic traffic “spikes”.
  • Pay only for what you use.
  • No long term lock-in.
  • Reports billing separately for each Virtual Data Center for internal cost management.


  • Fully functional API.
  • Integrated port based firewalls.