FlexiScale is a complete rebuild of Europe’s first cloud computing platform using revolutionary cloud orchestration technology. Please contact our Sales Department sales@flexiscale.com to organise a test drive and create your first cloud server within minutes! We have one of the most flexible and cost-effective platforms in the business, and you will find our control panel simplicity itself to use.

FlexiScale not only allows end-users to benefit from a wholly scalable hosting infrastructure but also reaches out to the wider world of IT services delivery companies who, as hosting resellers, have the opportunity to extend their offering to their customers, whilst differentiating their services in a progressively demanding market place where most IT services have been, or are seen to have been, commoditised. Our White Label reseller option can help you build your business quickly to meet your customers’ demands.

Explore our website or drop us a line at sales@flexiscale.com for further information.

Our experienced and expert team are happy to discuss the best options for your business so please call us now on; 0845 862 0757.